The Mum Walk of Shame

Today, I had to do the Mum Walk of Shame. You know the walk. The one where you hold your head held high in public, despite the child you are dragging behind you, screaming in full tantrum mode, while all the other people around you stare, silently judging you or commiserating with you, depending on their experience and sympathy level. That’s the one. The Mum Walk of Shame.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to walk the Mum Walk of Shame. After 8 and a half years of being a Mother and a total of 4 children, I have had my share of them. Dani made me do it last year through the supermarket when she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be in or out of the trolley and kept climbing in and out, so I made her stay in it. Today, it was Blake that caused it. when I picked him up from kindy.

"amummyslifenz" "mum walk of shame"

Blake and Dani in tantrum mode after kindy last week.

It started with his shoes. He didn’t want to wear them and he didn’t want to carry them. He wanted me to put them in his bag. I refused and told him to do it. It’s his responsibility. Something he had to do himself. Like put his lunchbox on the bench when he gets home from kindy or putting his bowl or plate on the bench after eating breakfast or dinner. After a 5 minute stand off and much grumbling and “it won’t work” and “I can’t” he finally got his shoes in his bag and his back on his back.

Next he wanted to grab another back of the feijoas or apples that the kindy had on the table by the door that were free to take. Blake and Dani had been grabbing them every kindy for the last week. For once, I said no (yeah I know, I was asking for trouble, but I was sick of picking up the half eaten apples and the feijoa skins lying around my car and lounge). Blake went into full meltdown mode so I grabbed his hand and began pulling him out the kindy door. Thus began the Mum Walk of Shame.

I had to unhook his hand from the gate where he’d grabbed it to stop me from making him leave without his bag of apples. All through the car park he was screaming for his bag of apples. Other parents and kindy teachers stood watching us pass. One Mum gave me a sympathetic smile. She’s been there.

The tantrum didn’t stop at the car. I had to force him into his seat and do his seat belt up. Something he usually takes pride in being able to do himself. Actually I had to do up his seat belt twice since he took it off after I’d started the car and backed out of the parking space. He yelled at me for the bag of apples all the way home.

At our gate, he screamed because he wanted to open and close the gate and I had done it. Usually Celine does it but she was home from school sick today. Then it was because I wouldn’t bring his bag in for him. I left it and him beside the car and went inside. I was glad Mum was home watching the girls at that point because she took over then, by making him go back and get his bag when he tried to come in without it. I was past dealing with it at that point. His tantrum was not the first I’d had to deal with today.

Fournagers may not throw quite as many tantrums as the terrible two does or as often as a threenager does, but when they do throw them, they blow the others out of the water!

Have you done the Mum Walk of Shame?

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