Mother’s Day | What It’s Really Like

There are few things that Mums really want on Mother’s Day. A decent night’s sleep and a sleep in. Not to step foot in the kitchen for a single reason. The kids to ASK DAD for everything and leave Mum in peace. To not be bothered for anything more than a few hugs and kisses and a sweet chorus of “Happy Mother’s Day” from the kids and their father. To not have to listen the kids fighting with each other or sulking about being told to clean their bedrooms and pick up all the dirty laundry lying on their floors instead of the basket in the bathroom. A mother can dream, anyway.

The reality of Mother’s Day is so very different. Instead of a decent night’s sleep, I was woken several times by Blake. Not to mention that Bella is convinced she can’t sleep unless she’s cuddled against my breast where she can smell her milk so every time I attempted to put her back in her cot resulted in yet another wake up. A sleep in was denied me with Dani waking me up early demanding her breakfast and crying when she was told to go back to bed. Meanwhile my Hubby slept peacefully beside me completely undisturbed.

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Me and my crazy kids

Despite the earliness of waking up, it was after 9 am before someone even thought to make me a coffee and breakfast in bed. I’m not really human until I’ve had my first cup of coffee, especially after a bad night’s sleep. Trying to drag a second and third cup of coffee out of my Hubby is like pulling teeth. Apparently I’m still supposed to serve him, despite it being Mother’s Day, and not Father’s Day or any other normal day.

As for the peace and quiet that a Mother dreams off… I’ve lost count of the number of fights and tantrums from the kids in the last 3 hours alone. Heck, Blake is standing by my ear screaming about Celine snatching back her ball that he found outside as I type. They still can’t remember that Dad is home and available for comfort and to ask for snacks and drinks from, even when he’s physically in the kitchen.

That’s the only thing that’s actually gone right so far today. I haven’t had to step foot in the kitchen for anything despite Hubby’s sly requests for me to make him a coffee instead of him offering to make me one. Hubby has, very thankfully on my part, made both breakfast and lunch, and currently has dinner roasting in the oven. Of cause, he hasn’t done the cleaning up after himself and I can expect that if I want a clean kitchen before tomorrow, I am probably going to have to clean it myself.

Regardless of the fact that Mother’s Day is seen as a day of celebrating and pampering Mothers, the reality is, even Mother’s Day isn’t a day of from being a Mother.

So, in case no one has said it yet, Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there! I sure hope someone has made the day special for you.

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