My before school & kindy morning routine

Think getting four kids ready in the morning for school and kindy is easy? Guess again! Here is an estimation on what my before school and kindy routine looks like. Note: I make their lunches the night before to save on time.

My Before School & Kindy Morning Routine

6:15 am – wake up to Blake banging my bedroom door open and demanding breakfast. Tell him to go wait in the lounge.

6:20 am – enter the kitchen to start the kettle and make breakfast. Settle the third argument between Blake and Celine over who gets what bowl and what cereal.

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Celine and Blake waiting to leave on a rare morning that everyone but Dani is ready.

6:40 am – take Hubby his breakfast and coffee. Go back for my own. Make breakfast for Danielle. Settle disagreement between Blake and Danielle over seating arrangements.

6:55 am – have my own breakfast and coffee while breastfeeding Bella.

7:10 am – tell the older three kids to get out of the shower for the fourth time. Get dressed myself with all four kids watching and whining about wanting to be picked up, help with their hair or help getting dressed. Two of which are still wearing a towel instead of clothes.

7:25 am – tell the middle two kids to get dressed for the 20th time while getting Bella’s nappy changed and dressed. Put Bella in her high chair and give her her breakfast. Say bye to Hubby as he leaves for work.

7:35 am – put on the dishes, clean the kitchen and sweep the floor, vacuum and tidy the lounge. Tell Blake and Danielle to hurry up and get dressed for the 50th time or they will be going to kindy naked.

8:00 am – drink the now cold coffee that Hubby made me before he left for work. Tell Blake and Danielle to get their shoes on, brush their teeth and put their lunch boxes in their bag for the third time.

8:20 am – say good bye to Bella and Nana and tell the older three kids to get into the car. Take Blake’s bag from him and put it in the boot. Tell Blake and Danielle to get their belts on for the 5th time.

8:30 am – finally get the car out of the gate with everyone buckled. Drop Celine off at school and drive to kindy.

8:35 am – Get Blake and Danielle into kindy. Wait for them to find their names and put them on the board, put away their bags on the hooks and then their lunch boxes on the shelves.

8:45 am – Say good bye to them for the third time and sneak out the door while their teachers distract them.

8:50 am – Get home. Freedom to enjoy the rest of my day with Bella until pick up time.

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