Lost Patience | Where Has My Patience Gone?

When I first had Celine, I had enough patience with her to rival Mother Teresa. It didn’t matter what she did, I was really patient with her and it didn’t bother me much when she was naughty. Instead it was almost funny and cute. I didn’t have a lost patience issue with her.

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I’m sick of losing my patience at my kids.

Then I had Blake, and while my patience was still extensive, it began to have a limit. The limit got shorter when Danielle arrived and once Isabella was born, my patience seems to be almost non-existent. It seems like every child I have has had a direct affect on my patience level. And I hate myself for it.

Very little sets me off these days. I find myself yelling far more times than I want to at my children. They argue. I yell. They fight. I yell. They ignore me the first 5 times I ask them to do something. I yell. They whine. I yell. Only Bella manages to escape the yelling and that’s because she can’t get into much mischief as a baby.

I feel like such a bad mother for being this way. I know it’s affecting my children because guess what they do in response? Yell at each other. I want to change this behaviour but I have to start with myself first.

It’s a huge mindset change and I’m not sure if I can do it by myself.

How do you cope with a lack of patience with your children?

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