What I’ve learnt about kids and food since having more than two kids

I’ve heard a lot about parents dealing with food issues with their children especially when that child in particular is a fussy eater. But what happens when you have more than one child or fussy eater? Getting children to eat food adds a whole new level when you have more than one or two children. So here are 10 things I’ve learnt about kids and food when you have more than two children.

  1. When one child asks for a snack they are essentially asking for all the children. Not just themselves.


    Bella enjoying dinner

  2. They are all happy to eat the same thing until one of them gets something else. Then they aren’t interested in what they already have. They want the new food.
  3. One child will happily share the food they don’t want with the rest and one of them will refuse to share the food they don’t want no matter the incentive.
  4. Always buy enough of a treat for all the children or they will fight over it.
  5. Even when some of the other children are away they will perform as soon a they find out the children who didn’t go gets something special. The reverse is also true.
  6. Whatever Mum and/or Dad have, they all want.
  7. They always check that they got equal amounts of the food or drink before consuming. Hell breaks loose if one child has more than the rest.
  8. The fastest eater will always try to convince the slowest eater to share with them.
  9. When one decides they don’t like the food they are given, the all decide they don’t like it. Regardless of whether they have actually tasted the food yet or not.
  10. Even babies are not exempt from the “must have what everyone else has” rule.


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