I survived two weeks of holidays!

I did it. I survived the mid year school/kindy holidays with all 4 kids. Two weeks of 3 kids fighting and whining and arguing and “I’m bored” and making annoying messes straight after I had just finished cleaning. If they are anything like myself, Mothers around New Zealand are celebrating the return of school and kindy.

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The start of Term 3 means the holidays are over and School and Kindy are back in action!

I think even the kids were glad to go back today. There is only so many times you can enjoy going to the park to play, so many movies or tv shows you can watch, so many toys you can play with and books you can read as a child.

Dani, of course, is still at home. Monday’s are not her day at kindy so she won’t go back until tomorrow. Still, it has been much quieter with the older two kids gone for a few hours. The house has been quieter and more calmer with them gone.

It feels nice to be able to breath again.

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