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Every Mother knows that at some stage, and probably more than once or twice, their children go through a clingy baby stage. I’ve gone through it several times with Celine, and Blake, and Danielle. Now it’s Bella’s turn.

The last few days, Bella has been a teething, snotty, coughing mess and isn’t happy anywhere else but on my shoulder. She will only sleep on me. She won’t go down in her cot. She screams when I put her down. She screams when I pass her to Nana or Celine or Daddy (3 of her most favourite people other than Mummy) to hold.

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Bella is going through a clingy stage

It makes cooking dinner and going to the bathroom and doing housework and dealing with other children very hard to do and yet like some sort of miracle, we Mother’s seem to manage. Because we have to. Because who else is going to do it?

Mother’s have a distinctive bond with their children. Even when another parent is usually the favourite person in a child’s life, there are times when all that child wants is Mum. There is something about the Mum smell, the feel of Mum’s arms wrapped around them, the softness of Mum’s breast and tummy that just calls to a child when they need to be comforted or to feel secure and safe.

So, as annoying and frustrating as it is in the moments when your baby just wants to cling to you all day, treasure it. These moments are precious and they fly by so fast.

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