6 things I miss from before children

I love my children and I honestly couldn’t imagine life without them. Heck I barely remember life before them. But there are some things that I miss from before I had them that I can’t seem to have right now.


Beautiful glorious sleep. Beautiful glorious continuous sleep. My Fitbit might say I got 5 actual hours sleep last night but it sure as heck wasn’t continuous solid sleep. Instead it was broken sleep. I woke up 3 times last night to deal with my beloved children and was restless 16 times! Considering I went to sleep at 10:45 pm and didn’t wake up until 6:50 am? That is some pretty crappy sleep if you ask me. Anyone knows a solid sleep is better than a broken sleep!

Walking Out The Door:

My sleep according to Fitbit
It used to be that I could just walk out the door to meet my friends and I could do it at any time of the day or night. I could go anywhere, at any time, do anything, without a thought. I never really appreciated that flexibility at the time. Now, going out the door requires gathering up and getting ready up to 4 other people before I could even grab my keys and that can take longer than the actual errand I’m running! It’s either that or ask Nana if she’s happy to babysit. Provided she wasn’t coming on the errand with us in the first place!

Eating Whatever I Wanted:

I used to be able eat whatever I wanted without either needing to hide it or having to share it. Now? I can’t even enter the kitchen without at least one child racing to see what I’m getting! Even if it’s just a glass of water, they still expect me to share it. And OMG the racket they make if I don’t!

amummyslifenzGoing Toilet Without An Audience:

It used to be a solo affair. Quiet. Peaceful. Stress free. Then I had children. They can be at the other end of the yard playing on the tire swings but the second I touch base on the toilet seat all three of the older children will be there demanding this or that or describing every little thing I’m doing in graphic detail at the top of their lungs!

Long Showers Alone:


My current little cling-ons.

Ah, the pure bliss of a solo shower. No worrying about what sneaky little destructive minions might be getting into. Relaxing into an extremely hot spray without the worry of burning which ever little body had decided to join you even though they’d just had a shower of their own 5 minutes beforehand. Not stressing through the painful decision of whether to wash your hair that hasn’t seen the liquid version of shampoo in nearly two weeks or shaving the forest growing on your legs for the last month and deciding against either. Because staying in the shower longer than the 5 seconds it takes to wash the important bits is just asking for disaster from the unsupervised children while you do so!

The Simple Act Of Sitting or Lying Down:

I miss that. Being able to sit or lie down without someone hanging all over me. I love their cuddles but children simply have no understanding of personal space. I’m there. I’m not moving. Therefore I’m fair game for climbing on. It can be a bit much some days when I just need to be alone in my own space.



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