What is up with the school dress code in America?

Seriously, what is up with the school dress code in America? Every time I turn around some poor girl is being sent home because of some random item of her clothing being inappropriate and a “distraction” to the boys? Why is it the girl’s problem if the boys can’t keep their eyes on the board? I really don’t get that logic. Is the boy’s education more important that the girl’s?

"amummyalifenz" "school dress code"

Class photo. OMG! My skirt doesn’t even reach the knee and I’m wearing make up! How did the boys manage to get through the school year with an education?!

There is no logic behind the reason these girls are being sent home for either. Her collar bones are showing? Her skirt shows her knees? Her shirt doesn’t cover her shoulders? She’s wearing leggings as pants? Have we somehow travelled back to the Victorian days when to show an ankle somehow stoked a man’s desire? How rediculous!

And if I thought the school day was ridiculous, the dance school dress codes are sheer stupidity! No strapless dresses, no spaghetti straps, no cleavage, no backless, no shoulders, nothing that shows the knees, nothing that shows even the slightest indication that the wearer is a female! Are the girls meant to wear burlap sacks?

When I went to school, we wore a uniform. Yes, even at a public school. Regulations required the skirts to be no shorter than a finger width above the knee and shirts to be tucked in. I deliberately sewed my skirt hem to half thigh and many of us used to tie our shirts up in front rather than tuck it in. Nor did we button our shirts to the top. Do you know who got distracted at the revealing of our knees or stomach or collar bones or cleavage? No one! No one gave a crap. The boys all focused on their school work as much as the girls did. Do you know why? Because boys don’t give a crap about knees or collar bones or cleavage or stomachs. Why, because the boys knew that girls aren’t property for them to stare at or take. There is no excuse for forcing themselves on anyone. They weren’t dogs with no self-control. They were at school to learn and educate themselves. Gee, what a concept!

"amummyslifenz" "school dress code"

My year 12 (6th form) Ball photo. Look! Shoulders, collar bones and it was backless too apart from a small cross of the straps at the shoulders. OMG!

Mufti days, involved short shorts and leggings and spaghetti strap singlets and tight jeans and boob tube tops and heaven forbid, none of it made a difference to the boys. They got right on with their school work like they always did.

As for our school dances, well there were plenty of shoulders and cleavage and knees and

thighs to be seen. No one was asked to cover up or sent home because they showed their bodies off in a feminine dress. I even remember one girl wearing a tux one year! How disgraceful! (yes, I’m being sarcastic here).

Now imagine if we just let these girls dress how they like and let them attend school without worrying about whether they will distract the boys? I imagine there will be a lot more educating going on and less disruptions.

Because, let’s face it, the only people really being distracted by what the girls wear are the teachers, and if that’s the case, what the hell are they doing teaching if they can’t focus on the class work without being distracted by a girl’s collar bone?

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