Today I heard that the current President of US has done something that no other President has done or should ever do. He interfered in the current Presidential elections by declaring Donald Trump unfit for the White House. The very President who has ruined America is declaring someone else unfit to take his place. There is something very wrong with that. Pot, kettle, black anyone?

The President whose party claims Unity but is promoting segregation of his people. The President who has ripped out everything that America used to stand for and replaced it with terrorists, rapists, murders and illegals with more rights in America than the  actual American people do. He’s taken away the protection of the very people whose jobs protect the American people and given it to the very criminals that they protect the American people against.

The President who promotes the bullshit misnomer Black Live Matter. Because let’s be very clear on this. It’s not Black Lives that matter. Black cops are killed by criminals and Obama doesn’t give a shit. Black military personnel die in the line of duty and Obama doesn’t give a damn. You know who President Obama does care about? Black Criminals and Muslims. Unless you commit a crime, don’t even think about going to him for support. Don’t understand what I mean? The Democrat Party arranged for the mothers of Black Criminals who were shot by Police in the act of resisting arrest or for shooting police in the first place and parents of muslim army personnel who died in the line of duty. He didn’t even consider the mothers of police officers (black or not) who were killed by Black Live Matters terrorists or  the many other mothers of military personnel killed in the line of duty fighting against terrorists that Obama founded in the first place.

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The WORST President in the history of American Politics is calling Donald Trump unfit for Presidency.

The current American President is a terrorist and he’s proclaiming someone else as unfit for Presidency. This is the same president who declared his opposing Party candidate as someone who will say ANYTHING to get in as President 8 years ago and then allowed her to be the botch up and security risk as Secretary of State and is now backing her as a Presidential candidate. The very wife of a previously impeached President who cannot possibly be trusted in the role of Presidency considering her past disregard for the truth. But then, she fits the criminal aspect of Obama’s only interest in criminal lives and muslim lives, even if she is white.

Now, I understand that Donald Trump has no political skills. I understand that Trump has recently put his foot in his mouth for saying what the rest of the world where thinking simply because it wasn’t politically sensitive. And has since gone on the attack because he’s been attacked himself in the media for his political insensitivity. Not because he wasn’t right and not because we weren’t all thinking the same thing but simply because he was insensitive enough to say it on camera. Big whoop.

But for President Obama to declare him unfit for presidency when his own Presidential candidate is not just politically unfit but socially and legally unfit? Yeah, kind of a case of the Pot calling the Kettle black, don’t you think?

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