My Thoughts On The Democrats Party

Dear Democrats Party,

Like many non-Americans around the world, I have been watching the Republican vs Democrat campaign rallies for the last month or so. Because like it or not, the new US President will affect the rest of the world in some way or other. One candidate will bring back the America that once was and one candidate will ruin America even more than they have so far.

Do you know which candidate is which Democrat Party? Let me give you a hint. For the last 8 years, your party has been in power and the great country that America used to be has been flushed down the drain, through the sewers and out to sea. Now you want to bring in another Democrat candidate who wants to oppress the American people even further and to remove even the slightest vestige of the great country that America once was.

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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Your party give a lot of lovely speeches about unity and how great Hillary Clinton is as a person and as a candidate. About how she will make America great again and how she will being in equal pay for women and how she loves children and how well qualified she is to be President. You make great promises for how she will bring back employment for those who have lost their jobs or can’t earn enough to support their families. You spun a lot of lovely negative stories about Donald Trump and about American history.

Your speech writers should be fired.

Someone failed majorly with the fact checking with those speeches. Time and time again, your speakers made faulty statements about the history that is and the history you seem to be rewriting out of fantasy. The biggest mistake was noted in the First Lady’s speech in claiming the White House was built by slaves. Another speaker came across as apparently doesn’t know the difference between the War of Independance and the Civil War.

You have made a lot claims about the oppression to women that Donald Trump will bring but none of you seem to have checked where Hillary’s backing money have come from or how she treats the women staff who work for her. None of you have pointed out that Trump’s businesses pay their female staff exactly the same as his male staff or that he provides creches for mothers enabling them to keep working while their children are cared for. Or as horrendous as he seems to have spoken to females in the television show The Apprentice, he spoke to males in exactly the same way.

You have a lot of lovely speakers who speak about how great America is and how much better it will become. But none of them seem to have left their ivory towers in the last decade. You are all looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. It’s time to take them off and come outside to the real world outside the tower windows.

Your entire campaign to install Hillary Clinton as President has the rest of us shaking our heads in despair. Many more popular Democrat candidates have been pushed aside or squashed in your blind determination to make Hillary the first female President. Even her very glaringly obvious security failure in the email debacle that would have had anyone else prosecuted has been brushed over and ignored. It doesn’t bode well for America’s future.

I’m sorry, Democrat Party, but as ridiculous as the idea of Donald Trump as President is, he is still a better Presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton is.

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