So… America Has A New President…

My Husband and I sat up on Wednesday night watching the American Presidential election unfold. We watched as stunned reporters showed vote after vote for Donald Trump to be the next president. We laughed our heads off at the desperate look on the faces of Democratic supporters watched his numbers rise all over the States. Why? Because the silent majority grew a voice and spoke so loudly and clearly, they couldn’t be missed.

The only people that the election results would have surprised are those people who are so closed minded that they only believe what the corporate media told them. The same media who unfairly dissed Trump at every turn. The same media who quietly replaced anyone they could who supported Trump rather than Clinton. The same media who glossed over every criminal act and lie that Hillary Clinton or her Husband has ever committed as ‘not news” and instead blew up every accusation made of Donald Trump regardless of those accusations being discredited at every turn.

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The 45th American President

For some reason, the “important” people and the A Listers thought that Hillary Clinton would get in simply because she was a woman. Because she made them promises. Because they paid her big money to win. What they forgot is that they are the minority.

Instead, the majority of the people who voted encompassed the forgotten people, the rural people, the people who have lost everything they own in the last 8 years of democratic rule. The people who have been hammered from pillar of ridicule to pillar of neglect.

Hillary Clinton never made an effort to connect to the common people. The everyday people. She told the same very few sob stories over and over and over. She never introduced the real people. The people that really matter. She never talked to the people who really matter. Donald Trump spend weeks going from State to State talking to those people. Reaching out to those people. Finding out what their issues were and what he could do to fix them. Donald Trump put in the real effort and work to win those votes against all the bias against him.  He deserved those votes.

My husband and I knew this, because instead of listening to the mainstream media with anything more than a grain of salt, we listened to the independant media. The media, who cut out the Clinton bias and instead told the stories that no-one else was reporting. The stories that repudiated the so-called accusations. The ones who actually focused on the damaging details in the leaked emails. The ones that gave a fair report of the Trump speeches rather than picking out so-called “insulting” comments. The ones that actually talked about the policies that Trump was promoting and not twisting them into something else.

So, instead of wondering how Donald Trump managed to win the White House, maybe you should start thinking about why you were so convinced that Hillary Clinton would win? And then, maybe you should start doing better research about such topics rather than believe everything that the mainstream media wants to tell you.

Congratulations Donald Trump. You won, fair and square.


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4 Responses to So… America Has A New President…

  1. Jack says:

    Yeah people like to ignore the things they don’t want to hear like that politics and business are not the same and so Trump is a poor choice because he has no experience.

    It is similar to asking a pediatrician to perform heart surgery. The doc will have a general idea of what is supposed to happen but no clue how to make it happen.

    So we get a man who is an adult toddler and who cries when things don’t get his way. A man who is known for being a trust fund baby who hasn’t got much in the way of business skills.

    Who claims to be for the common man while bragging about how he uses loopholes that the common man could never do because daddy didn’t give them millions.

    A bully who made sure to tell everyone who would listen that the election was rigged just in case he lost and then when he didn’t claimed it worked because of his people.

    Gah, he is pathetic and incapable of doing the work which is why he keeps farming things out. People got taken in by a conman.

    We’re all entitled to vote as we choose but if you believe Wikileaks and Julian Assange are good things, well you are playing a fool’s game. He is a social assassin who thrives on manipulating things.

    You can’t prove all the emails he released were accurate but you accept them at face value because it proves what you think.

    Based upon that I am convinced that Trump’s refusal to tell white supremacists to STFU is because he likes their support and he likes fear. That is not leadership. It is pathetic.

    • Actually, what is pathetic is a bunch of adults throwing a tantrum in a so called protest but is really just an excuse to destroy other people’s property because they can’t respect the fact that the rest of the country voted against the criminal that they wanted to elect as president and went for someone who actually treated them as humans.

  2. Sophie says:

    While you are entitled to your opinion, I find it hard to believe that you would choose to support an ignorant, homophobic, racist and sexist bigot. He denies that global warming is happening and is already inducing a tremendous amount of hatred towards migrants and people of other cultures. I genuinely feel sad for America because you’re all in unsafe hands.

    • Sophie, the very description of Trump you just gave is the exact one that fits Hillary Clinton the most. What you know about Trump is just what the propaganda from the Clinton campaign told you. Not what’s true.

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