Do you ever wonder if anyone else is out there?

OK, so my Husband suggested this post topic because I’m feeling some inspiration blockage. It’s one that is fairly important to him, if rather far out of my league of experience.

Lately my Husband has been kind of obsessed with the theory of aliens. He watches a lot of vlogs on youtube by a Christian guy, called LA Marzulli. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep to the sound of his vlogs playing at night. LA Marzulli talks a lot about the end of days being related to the days of Noah as according a passage in the book of Revelations in the bible. However where most of would assume that this passage refers to the sin of the people that was prevalent in this time, this guy thinks a little differently.

LA Marzulli has the idea that what the bible states as in the time of Noah is not so much the sins of the people as much as the idea of altered DNA caused the joining of fallen Angels with the daughters of man resulting in the Nephalem. Something which the great Flood of the Bible was supposed to have removed. LA Marzulli theorizes that the end of days will bring about a repeat of the altered DNA and that this may represent the Mark of the Beast that is also referred to in Revelations. However, the interesting part of his theory refers to aliens.

More and more, there are reports of UFOs visiting Earth. You can find many videos posted on youtube by witnesses of these reports (see the video below). There are too many reports with photo and video evidence by various people to not believe these UFOs are real. LA Marzulli thinks that these UFOs and the aliens driving them may actually be the fallen angels of the past returning in a form of deception. Making the world believe in aliens as a possible “creator” of the human race rather than the biblical God.


Now, I don’t begin to consider myself an expert, although I do consider myself a Christian and I have studied the bible as well as any other typical Christian. I can’t claim that there are no such thing as aliens but I also can’t deny that LA Marzulli’s theory that the aliens being fallen angels playing a deception game makes sense.

What do you think? Is there really something out there and are they aliens or are they really fallen angels?

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