Celine’s School Cross Country

This might be confusing for newer readers so let me give you a wee bit of a background for why this is important. Just after Celine’s 6th birthday she was diagnosed with Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. Because of this, she was restricted from all high impact physical activities and spent just over a year on crutches while her femur head first disintegrated and then began to regrow. She spent the second year still restricted from all high impact physical activities but allowed to walk normally. She was finally cleared for high impact activities this past January when her femur head had fully regrown.

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Feeling nervous about her race

But this meant that for the last two years that Celine’s school has held their annual cross country event, Celine has spent them on the side lines cheering rather than participating. This year is the very first year that Celine has been allowed to join in on the cross country race since she was first diagnosed with Perthes Disease.

Monday was the big day for Celine and she was understandably nervous about it. I reassured her before her race that she just had to do her best and if she needed to walk some of it, to go right ahead. We waited patiently as they went through each age group one at a time starting with the 12 & 13s, then the 10 & 11s. Finally it was her turn in the 8 & 9s.

She got into the group with her classmates, they had a short practice warm up lap and then they were off! In the first lap, she managed to stay near the front of the group but in the second and final lap she started to feel a bit tired and sore. She had to walk a lot of the second lap and fell somewhere near the middle of the group. I cheered her on whenever I could see her. Finally, she reached the last stretch and the finish line.

"amummyslifenz" "cross country"

Celine finishing her race

Celine was extremely emotional when she was finished and needed a lot of cuddles and praise but I am so very proud of her. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t in the top 10 of her age group. It didn’t matter that she had to walk a lot of it. All I cared about was that she tried and she finished. After two years of not being allowed to participate due to her Perthes Disease, Celine joined in and did her best.

I am the proudest mother alive right now. It is a major accomplishment for her.


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