What’s Happening With Celine Now?

If you’re a long time follower you know that my oldest daughter, Celine, has a condition called Legg Calve Perthes Disease and that she was cleared to resume normal activities with her last x-ray this past January. I thought you might like an update on what’s happening with her now.



If you follow our weekly vlog YouTube Channel then you might remember that about a month ago I posted a weekly vlog showing Celine having a check up at the GP for her hip. She had been having issues with walking a little. She would be walking normally and all of a sudden drop. Her leg would give out and she’d fall down. So we took her to the doctor for an assessment. Everything seemed to be normal and we put it down to maybe over doing it. But our GP said he’d send a notice to our Orthopedic Specialist to see if he wanted to see Celine sooner than the next appointment which wouldn’t be for a year.

More recently, and you’ll see this in the next weekly vlog I upload (whenever that will be since my phone battery isn’t charging and I’m waiting for a new one to arrive), Celine has been having pain in her NON-Perthes hip. Last Thursday afternoon and Friday it was so bad that Celine resorted to the crutch and sling system for that hip along with arnica cream, deep heat, pain medication and heat packs. She was happy enough but still feeling pain.



I made the decision that if Celine still needed the pain meds and crutches this week that we’d go back to the GP and arrange for an X-Ray but the pain had eased off by the Friday night. Still, I plan to keep an eye on it. Getting the pain in the non-Perthes hip raises a red flag to me.

Hopefully, I’m just worrying over nothing.

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6 Responses to What’s Happening With Celine Now?

  1. Fabienne says:

    It is true, never under estimate the function of the lower walking muscles (from toes to knee). Strength there prevents back aches in adulthood; th more important it is for anybody with orthopedic issues, and for anybody growing up. Maybe Celine should continue her exercises including writing with her foot an picking up object with her toes.
    It is just a couple of seconds, but Celine’s left foot doesn’t look good with the big toe pointing inwards in the crutch dance vlog: Seems to be developing a hallux abducto valgus or bunion. She is too young for that, and young enough to counter act that development.

  2. Carolien says:

    I just wonder,was it false alarm? I mean, when a child choses to use crutches voluntarily for two days that looks pretty serious. Did you consult your orthopedic specialist?

    • She hasn’t had a repeat of the sore hip so far; or at least not to the extent of needing her crutches again.We are still waiting to hear back from the specialist about her collapsing incidents.

  3. Juliane says:

    Just seen your crutch dance vlog. Good to see that Celine isn’t too worried about her handicap. She is a proficient crutcher! I am writing because I might help with her well being: My daughter Finja is in an almost identical situation, was on crutches for 13 months from her 6th birthday (no sling, I didn’t know about it, but with a 8 cm platform sole so that the heel of her Perthes foot hovered above the ground), then one year without running and jumping, and then cleared, all fine, just 1 cm leg length difference. After a couple of months she had pain in her other hip, no Perthes luckily: Her doctor just looked at her shoes and her toes and prescribed and ordered her to wear two pairs of sandals, the wooden Berkemann ones to be worn indoors and as often as possible, the Birkenstock ones to be worn outside, with jandal socks in colder weather. He said toe compressing shoes deform the foot (make it shoe shaped), and those Finja loved have the pointed shape as those Celine is always wearing. The muscles of the feet and the lower leg deteriorate, and the muscles around the hip have to compensate this, leading to trouble. To cut it short, it helped, no sore legs, never again, and her feet have regained that delta shape kids feed should have. Celine has Birkenstock sandals, why doesn’t she use them? Wakling is complex and involves dozens of muscles, the more of them are trained the better.

    • Celine does wear them on occasion but she has a number of different shoes and a few particular favourites. She also has her own sense of fashion and style.

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