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Well, did you? I’ve been vlogging off and on for a while actually. Actually, I’ve been vlogging for years. Older readers would know this, newer ones, probably not so much.

I started uploading small clips of Celine to YouTube when she was a baby and as she was growing up. Back then it was just an easy way to share Celine’s milestones with family and friends. Then like the evolution of my blog  I began doing pregnancy vlogs and then weight loss vlogs.

I had started watching some of the daily vlog channels like GabeandJesss (now Jesssfam) and Sacconejolys etc and wanted to try something similar for myself. I started off with vlogging Blake’s and Celine’s birthday parties and the prep that went into them. Then I began to add the daily family stuff.

Not long after I started the daily videos, Celine was diagnosed with Perthes Disease and had to have crutches for a year. The vlogs with Celine using them took off with other families who had just gotten the same diagnosis for their children. It gave them something to watch, someone to connect with. The daily vlogs grew even more important during this time.

I kept the daily vlogs up as much as possible for the next two years. One year with Celine on crutches in 2014 and then the following year when Celine was off them while in regrowth stage in 2015 except for occasional situations like the cold weather affecting her hip or if she had a really bad fall.

Unfortunately, this year with the addition of a fourth child, I just found the daily vlogging too much and felt that my vlogs were starting to get a little repetitive. It takes hours of work to put together a video from hours of footage into something less than 10 minutes long; and then it takes further hours to upload onto YouTube. Trying to do this on a daily basis just got too much. It was taking away time from my family and my husband.


This was the point in my life that I decided to switch to doing weekly vlogs. It means just one day of work to put the video together rather than lots of hours every day. It means that I don’t have to remember to record every little thing every day. I just had to take some of the highlights of my week instead.

I’m no Steven Spielberg obviously. But my vlogs do seem to resonate with a certain kind of audience. Mostly other families, I think, who are interested in how the other half live.

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