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The job from hell is over. I think. Provided I actually get paid for my last week of work. Correctly that is. Which is a distinct possibility with these people. But now I am officially out of work.

After my last post about work (actually, the very following shift, to be exact) where I talked about how I was close to looking for a new job and handing in my notice due to how they treat me, they gave me my notice instead. Yip, you read that right. They handed me my notice just before my 3 month probation (a requirement in NZ Employment Contracts) was cleared and just before the NZ minimum wage officially went up (to NZD15.25/hour as of 1st April 2016).

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I wasn’t even given a full two weeks notice either. More like a week and a half. Most of which took place over Easter Weekend. One stat day of which they short paid myself and other staff who work there. Of course, I doubt the other staff bothered calling them on it but since I was leaving anyway, I did. I wrote it on my last timesheet when I filled it in on my last shift on Saturday. I had planned to bring back my work shirts on Wednesday when I came to collect my pay slip but was told I had to have them back by today (Monday) instead or I wouldn’t be paid.

Which I did. Freshly washed to boot. Only to receive more grief when I dropped them off about my timesheet and requesting my short paid hour, along with a sleuth of imagined wrongs that I had supposedly done. I’m beginning to wonder how much she makes up and how much is done by another past or current employee that she has suddenly applied in her head to me to justify herself.

Either way, the job is done now. I’m left looking for a new one and hopefully will find one quickly.  Wish me luck!

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