Guess what!

No, really, guess what!

I totally got the job! And I couldn’t be happier about it!

Nervous selfie on my way to work yesterday evening

Yesterday I wrote that I’d be doing a trial run this afternoon to see how we worked together. Well I actually got called in to start last night instead to cover for another staff member who needed to go home to her children due to her Hubby having to work instead. Which was sweet. I learnt a few odds and ends; and I got a handle on the way the business works.
Then I was back in again this afternoon for the intially decided trial run and this time learnt how to run the bar side of things along with a few other things. I was a bit nervous since Hubby was in there the entire time playing pool with the pool club and had to serve him a few times but I really enjoyed myself and have certainly gotten a handle on pouring a handle!
I did miss my children though. I’d be lying if I didn’t. But I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy being a human being for a change rather than just a mother; because I most certainly did enjoy it.
Anyway, we’ll be working out my hours at the staff meeting tomorrow and signing the contracts etc and then I’ll be officially employed! Yay!

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