Why I Don’t Normally Blog On The Weekend

Except during Blog Challenge months, you may have noticed that I don’t usually blog on the weekend. In fact, I don’t really add a lot of social media items over the weekends. I’m about to tell you why.

Blogging every day takes a lot of commitment. It requires brainstorming fresh ideas, research and planning to get a new post out every day of the week. Which would be fine, except I’m also a wife and a mother. A mother of 4 children to be exact.

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Working on my blog while supervising my kids outside. Photo by my daughter, Celine, 8.

A mother plays many roles that takes up a lot of time in the day. She is a nurse, a taxi, a maid, a cleaner, a cook, a baker, a laundromat, a referee, a teacher, a guidance counselor, a disciplinarian, and so much more. I don’t have a lot of time in my day to be blogging every day. Especially since I also have two Youtube channels to keep up with on top of it!

So, in a normal month, to make things easier for myself, I stick a schedule of three posts a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This way I can get my blogging and vlogging done and spend quality time with my family.

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