Happy Easter!

It’s Easter Monday today. Like most public holidays we haven’t really bothered celebrating it as much as many others do. Far from having a fun long weekend it’s been a quiet one with the majority of our children being sick.

We did go for a family drive on the Saturday. We had dinner at a McDonald’s although the children not being at their 100% best they didn’t eat much and were more interested in playing in the playground.

We still followed our usual traditions though with the Easter Bunny arriving while the children slept on Saturday night. The Easter Bunny left a soft toy bunny for Bella’s first Easter and baskets of various goodies for the older three. Daddy was given a Rolo Egg and a dark chocolate kiwi. Mummy received just a dark chocolate kiwi as per her instructions to the Easter Bunny because too much chocolate is a bad temptation.

We had our traditional brunch of bacon and eggs with a side of toasted hot cross buns and the children over indulged in the contents of their baskets as they liked. Easter Sunday is the only day in the year we allow this extravagance. The rest of the year we restrict most sweets and junk food. Today we are back to those restrictions. The children now have to ask before they are allowed to have whatever is left in their baskets and I have to do my best to restrain myself from helping myself to their leftovers.

We haven’t yet decided what to do today. It’s a sunny Autumn day so maybe we’ll go to the park although most likely will be just staying home again. We’ll see what happens.

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