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A few years ago I used to do a weekly post called Thankful Thursday.  It lasted for the year and was quite a good reminder to myself that there are things to be thankful for even when it doesn’t seem like it. Lately, I’ve been joining in on the Friday Favourites linky hosted by Happy Mum Happy Child and Lisasaurus. Up until now  it’s just been sharing your favourite blog post from the week. But last week they asked that we have a go at posting our own Favourite Friday posts to the linky. Which is basically a post telling you about your favourite and not so favourite moments of the week. So here is mine.

The One About The Garden


amummyslifenzYesterday, I finally stopped talking about it and actually got to work on digging the area of our yard that will be our vegetable garden. It took me a couple of hours with a few breaks for drinking water and having lunch but I got four wheelbarrow loads of top dirt, grass, weeds and dead bushes out of the garden and a good stretch of ground ready to be fertilised, soaked and dug over.

I’ve already began the process of soaking and fertilising it and will continue to do so over the coming weekend. Once the ground is ready I will begin planting into it the seedlings from the New World Little Collection that we’ve been growing.

Least Favourite

This week has been a big week of painted on ears for my kids. Each one seems to only want to do what they want and nothing of what they have been asked. It has been more than frustrating and what’s more they’ve been doing it in public. I’ve had more than a few knowing smiles from other mums and teachers at kindy listening to me repeat an instruction several times with the recognisable note of annoyance in my tone.


Hubby had the day off on Monday and we spent the day with Bella between school/kindy hours in Palmerston North. We bought a new dryer because our old one has given up the ghost and was completely unrepairable according to our electrician. Then had lunch at Wendy’s which is something Hawkes Bay has yet to build although I believe there is one in the works. We pick up the dryer tomorrow morning although I intend to keep using my washing line for most days and the dryer for the rainy ones.

Favourite & Least Favourite

Last night we began the process of sleep training Bella. We are doing this for two reasons. The first is that we’ve gotten into the very bad habit of letting her go to sleep on us instead of going to sleep in her bed. Partly this is because she is our last baby and spent the longest time in our room than the others did. Unfortunately this leads us into the second reason. We’ve reached a point where we can’t even get Bella to sleep in her own bed. She wakes up the minute we try to put her in her bed and won’t settle again unless she’s on us.

Obviously this needs to change if Hubby & I are ever to get our bed back to ourselves. So last night i made the conscious decision to try to get Bella to go to sleep in her own bed. She was dead tired but it took two hours and 5,000 steps (yes, I checked on my fitbit) to finally get her to go to sleep in her own bed. This was particularly difficult because Bella chose this same night to learn how to get out of her bed on her own so we had lots of having to put her back in bed. I am hoping tonight goes much better but I wouldn’t hold my breath over it.

We are using the verbal reassurance method for our sleep training. This requires verbally reassuring Bella  with a “night night Bella, see you in the morning” each time we tuck her into bed. We also give her a cuddle and kiss as we do so which provides her with physical reassurance.

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