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In some ways, this week has gone so fast and so much has happened! Joining in for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa and it’s all about the cows. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here!

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This Wednesday we said a final goodbye to our cows, Bambi and Red. We had them culled and taken to the butcher to be turned into future meals for us and some friends. We’d had them since babies for over a year and they were as big as we were going to get them on the land space that we have available. While I am a little sad that they are gone, I’m also relieved that we will have a freezer full of meat for my family in the coming months.

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Hubby munching on buffalo wings at Spur


This last weekend my Husband & I managed to get away from our kids for a whole night. It was good for us as a couple in that it helped us to reconnect on a more intimate level and gave us a breather from our kids and gave us a little bit of sanity to be us and not just parents.

While we were away we also got to try out the new Spur restaurant that has just opened in New Zealand.

Least Favourite

I have so much footage from last week that it’s taking FOREVER for my video editor to load them ready for editing! That means I’m behind on vlogs for BOTH my youtube channels!


This week, Blake’s new entrant class at school celebrated the last day of school visits for the year by having a P day. All the kids in the class dressed up as something beginning with P and they all brought in something for a shared lunch. Blake took in a rainbow donut cake to share with his class that Mummy baked at 7 pm the previous night!

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The kids playing at the park


We did one of our favourite summer activities this week. Hubby was working locally in the afternoon so I bundled up the kids in the car and we went to play at the park for a couple of hours. Once Dad had finished work, he came to join us and we had a picnic dinner of fish and chips while there. A little more play and the kids were ready for bed. We manage to do this about once or twice a month during summer.

Usually, Blake gets freaked out about some activities and cries if he can’t do it the first time. This time, he was quite adventurous and tried to do quite a few playground activities that he wasn’t brave enough to do in the past. He even tried a few times to attempt the harder ones. Some he managed to accomplish and some he will need a few more tries.

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Jingles is baaack!


Jingles the Elf is back and already getting into mischief! The kids love the magic that Jingles brings to the Christmas season as well as the little treat that he brought with him for them this year. It’s the first time my children have had advent calendars and they are so excited to open each day’s chocolate!

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  1. Leigh-ann says:

    Our children saw our cow in the same state this morning. I think it’s a great life-lesson for them, although we’ve had a few conversations since!

    • This is our second lot of cows to be sent off to the butcher in the last 4 years of living here so it’s not the first time they’ve seen it. It’s a good reminder for them though 🙂

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