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Can you believe that the year 2017 is right around the corner? Like, this is literally my last post of 2016! As usually for a Friday I am joining in for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. Although the official linky is paused until January 20th, I will be continuing with these posts simply because I like them. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here!

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Captain Cuddles

Meet Captain Cuddles

Yip, that is really his name! The kids named him of course. Captain Cuddles arrived early last Friday afternoon. He was kind of an early Christmas present for the whole family. Cuddles has a very sweet personality and is settling in well. He is 10 weeks old and already loves his walks. Unfortunately, I don’t think the breeder has ever put him on a leash (he came from a farm) so I’m having to train him for that part but he is very happy to follow Jazz and keeps me well in sight along the trails.

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Packing away Christmas!

Goodbye Christmas

Christmas was an awesome day apart from a few overexcited tantrums. The kids were thoroughly spoilt as usual by Santa, us and friends. However, I was very glad to be able to pull down the decorations and get the house back to normal this week. For one thing the over excitement that the kids had displaying in the days leading up to Santa’s arrival was starting to do my head in. Now that it’s clear that Christmas is over the kids have settled back into their normal less overexcited behaviour.

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Garden progress

Vege Garden

I’ve managed to make some progress on my vege garden this week. I had to weed the ground first since it’s been so long between steps but the garden is now full of hay for fertilizer and covered with a mix of compost and potting mix. I’m now letting it mulch down a bit before I finally get around to planting.

The downside is that I don’t think my seedling pots are viable anymore. Between the cows trying to eat them and the wind blowing them around they are looking very frail. The plus side is I still have plenty of seeds hidden away which I can plant with once the ground is ready.

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My new lounge toy storage solution

Toy Storage

Another project I’ve started this week is sorting out better storage solutions for around the house. So far, I’ve sorted out some new baskets for the toys in the lounge as well as the ones in the kids rooms. I’ve also made a start on better storage containers for some the pantry items. I’ve arranged for a skip to arrive early in the new year and I’m going to make a start on the stuff in the garage once it does. I plan to get rid of anything we no longer need by either giving it away or throwing it in the skip and then sorting out better storage for the things that we do want to keep. Hopefully, we’ll be able to start parking the car back in the garage again by then!

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