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In some ways, this week has gone so fast and so much has happened! Joining in for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here!


Yesterday, Celine went to her very first camp at school. Her class is the youngest class that her school allows to go on camp and they only do an overnight on the school grounds. I have no idea how she has gone so far since I won’t see her until this afternoon but I’m hoping she has fun. She’s talked of nothing else for the last couple of weeks!


Hubby has had the week off from work this week and so we’ve got to spend some quality time together. The kids have loved having Dad home before heading off to school and  kindy and then again when they get home in the afternoon. It has also meant that Hubby has been able to do a few chores around the house that he’s been neglecting such as water blasting the outside of the house! The only downside is that it makes uploading my vlogs a little more difficult as he likes to use the internet for his gaming!

amummyslifenzFavourite and Least Favourite

I cleaned the walls in my lounge of fly poo on Wednesday and was not amused to find a few hidden messages written in pen in places around the room such as behind the couch and under the calendar. Celine is the only child that knows how to write so it singles her out pretty strongly as the culprit. On the other hand, it’s hard to get mad at messages such as “I love Mum & Daddy.”


We added to our animal flock yesterday. We brought home 4 new sheep. One mum with twin lambs and a single older lamb. All the lambs are boys but only the older lamb will be staying for breeding with Milly and the Mum sheep. The other two boys will be fed up and sent to the freezer when they are old enough and meaty enough to do so. We haven’t named them yet although Celine will get on to that once she gets home from camp!

amummyslifenzLeast Favourite

Blake and Danielle have really been pushing my buttons this week. They seem to think that their ears are for decorations and not for listening to the instructions that Mummy has given them!


I’ve reached an official loss of 10.1 kg this week which means I’m feeling really good about my weight loss journey. I still have another 20 odd kg to go but it’s nice to meet that first milestone.

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  1. ha ha! Love the sneaky messages! SO cute!!

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