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Joining in for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here! This week involved yet another birthday (this time it was about Celine), putting up our Christmas Tree and the last day of school.

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Celine opening her birthday presents

Celine Turns 9

We had our second December birthday this week. This time it was Celine who turned 9. It was quite a revelation moment for me as I realised I’ve literally been a mother for 10 years now and that’s kind of amazing.

Celine celebrated her day with presents and cake. She got a new tablet which she hasn’t gotten off since except for meals, school and sleep. It’s something she had been asking for pretty much all year so she was stoked.

"amummyslifenz" "friday favourites" "about celine" "christmas tree"We haven’t done her birthday experience yet but she’s doing that today. A whole day with just Mummy doing exciting things. Celine is getting her ears pierced and getting purple streaks put through her hair.

The Christmas Tree

We got a real tree this year which I love. We do have a fake one for backup but there is just something special about having a real one for Christmas. What’s more, I got to pick our tree myself from our local tree farm.

School Prizegiving

At the end of the school year our school always hold a prizegiving. They hold it in the evening so that the whole family can attend if they want and each class does a performance in between the many awards. It was Blake’s first prizegiving and although neither he nor Celine won an award for anything both looked sweet performing their songs.

End Of The School Year

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Blake swimming at the pools on his school trip

Of course, holding prizegiving also means that school has now finished for the year. Celine and Blake’s last day was Thursday. Apparently they spent the school day watching various movies in their classes and eating junk food.

Blake’s First School Trip

The day before school finished, Blake got to go on his first school trip. He went on the bus to the indoor pools in Waipukurau and spent a few happy hours splashing around in the swimming pool with his classmates before having lunch in the picnic area and playing on the playground in the park next to the pools. I went as a parent helper but drove in my own car rather than go on the bus.

Bella’s 15 Month Immunisations

Bella had her 15 month immunisations yesterday and she was not a happy camper while getting them done but she settled well afterwards with a cuddle and a breastfeed thankfully. She received 3 of them this time; one in each leg and one in one arm. So far there hasn’t been too much reaction to them other than an extra long sleep but it’s still early days yet.

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