The Dinosaur Shop

Kids can tell the funniest stories sometimes and what’s more, they are honestly convinced that they are telling the truth. Blake told such a story about a dinosaur shop on Monday at kindy.

Picture this, Thursday afternoon I pick up Blake and Danielle from kindy. We walk through the stoney car park to our car and on the way Blake finds a big rock. He is immediately convinced that he’s found a fossil and he’s excited all the way home about it where he proudly shows his “fossil” off to Nana and Celine.

Friday morning, Blake insists that he wants to take in his rock to kindy for news. Sweet as kid. Whatever you want. However I’m not sure if they even do news on Friday but we got home on Friday afternoon after kindy and Blake suddenly realised he’d left his rock at kindy. Cue tantrum because Mummy won’t go back and get it. He forgets about his rock again after an hour or so and we have a relatively quiet weekend.

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Blake carrying his “fossil” from the “dinosaur shop”

On Monday’s they definitely do news. I managed to get to kindy in time to watch one child finish their item and a second start. When the second child finishes, Blake stands up. So here I am thinking “oh, maybe he’s going to talk about the new lambs we got on Sunday” because I’ve completely forgotten about this rock by then. Apparently he hadn’t though.

Blake’s standing in the front of kindy holding his rock and calling it a fossil. When his teacher asks him where he got it, Blake responds that he found it at “the dinosaur shop.” His teacher looks a little confused and asks him where the dinosaur shop is and Blake has a little trouble telling her so she finishes by saying maybe we could ask Mummy where it is located.

While this is going on, I’m standing at the back of the room with one hand over my mouth nearly peeing myself with laughter. One of the other mums waiting to pick up their child is giggling along with me when I whisper to her that he’d found the rock in the kindy car park.

All I can say is that kids have a wonderful imagination and they fully believe that it’s real. I hope that never changes.

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