Term 4 Is Back & I’m So Grateful!

Term 4 started today which means both school and kindy went back into action. My three oldest kids were very happy to be going back to school and kindy after their relatively boring and uneventful holidays.

Mummy was also very happy to have 6 blissful hours of just Bella. No yelling, no fighting, just peace and quiet where I could watch or listen to anything I wanted and do whatever I wanted without an older child’s interference. It was a real mental and emotional relief for me to have that 6 hour break.

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Back to school and kindy for term 4

Celine said she had a relatively good day catching up with her friends. One happy moment at school was the catch to get on the classroom IPad but a bad moment was one of the boys in her class jamming her fingers in the cupboard door.

Blake enjoyed getting to play in the sandpit at kindy and Danielle loved being able to play on the monkey bars again. Bella enjoyed being able to play and explore again without one of her siblings picking her up and taking things off her all the time.

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