Well, These School Holidays Sucked

I had so many plans for the current school holidays. I was going to take the kids to Inflatable World. There were 3 movies that I wanted to take the kids to. There was the parks to go to. Instead, we had the flu and rain. Lot’s and lot’s of rain! So these school holidays sucked.

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Celine helping me take Jazz for a walk

In fact, probably the most exciting thing that my kids did this holiday was the New World Little Garden planting. The rest of their time was spent watching too much television, playing with the toys, drawing, and driving us all nuts. It’s safe to say that we’re all a little sick of each other and more than ready for school and kindy to restart on Monday.

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A lipstick covered Danielle

Other special moments in our holiday included taking Jazz for a walk with Celine for company, the kids playing outside in the rare moments of sunshine and Danielle taking Mummy’s hot pink lipstick and covering herself in it. She still has pink hair despite several washings.

The rest of the time has just been lots of yelling, lots of crying, lots of tantrums and lots of timeouts spent in their bedrooms. Thank goodness today is the last day!

How did you spend your school holidays?

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