Room Swap | Celine & Bella Switch Rooms

We made a huge change in the household today. Celine has finally moved into her own room and Isabella has moved into the shared room with Danielle. It took me literally all day to move furniture around for this room swap but it’s done.


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Celine’s new room

Of course, this wasn’t a random decision. Celine had asked a few months ago if she could do a room swap and have the little room that is usually the baby’s room. Making Isabella move in with Danielle. We agreed with this decision because Celine is reaching pre-teen age (shudder) and needs her own space away from the younger children. Afterall, there is 5 years difference between Celine and Danielle and only 2.5 years difference between Danielle and Isabella. It just makes more sense. The only reason it took so long to actually make the move was that Daddy hadn’t finished building the wardrobe and painting the walls. He did the final touches on this past weekend so the room was finally ready to move into today.

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Isabella’s new digs

This wasn’t the only change, however. We’ve officially moved Isabella out of the cot (not that she ever slept much in there as she preferred to co-sleep with us) and into the little trundle bed that we used for Danielle as a stepping stone between cot and big bed. Isabella will sleep in there for a year or two to get used to the space before we finally move her into a permanent bed.

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