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Today was Pet Day at Celine’s school. Each child got to dress up in as an animal, dress up a teddy bear, take a rock or stone in for finger painting, and take in a pet or two.

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Pet Day dress up

Who Celine Took For Pet Day

Last year, Celine took Frodo, one of our four cats. The year before, Celine took Jazz, Nana’s dog. This year, Celine took Milly, our lamb. We put Milly on a harness and lead and walked her in from the car to the area designated for the livestock. We had the first lamb there although we were joined by several more by the time school started.

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Celine and Bella with Milly after the parade.

What The Pet’s Did

All the animal groups took a turn at being paraded around by their child owners for all the kids to look at and then once everyone had a look and feel, us parents got to take the animals home again. Milly didn’t want to leave the yummy grass but we got there eventually.

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Celine’s Lamby

Celine’s Prize

Celine won first place for having the biggest, fattest lamb. She was given a toy lamb as a prize. She’s named it Lamby.

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