A Full Time Kindy Kid | Danielle’s Transition

Step 1 to becoming a full time kindy kid

Danielle started going to kindergarten at the beginning of the year. During the first term she only attended two days a week. Then she moved into attending three days a week. A few weeks ago I approached the manager to see if there may be a spot open for Dani to pick up another day and she came back to say that there was an opening for Mondays starting from today.

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Dani’s first time at Kindy on a Monday

Step 2 to becoming a full time kindy kid

I was fairly happy with that. It meant that Dani would be attending kindy four days a week and only home during the week for one day. I could live with that. But last week the manager at kindy came back to say there was also a spot on Wednesdays starting next week if I also wanted that for Dani. Needless to say I jumped at it!

Transition time

So Dani is officially transitioning into full time kindy. She does 4 days this week and starts 5 days next week. Which means for 5 days a week it will just be Mummy and Bella.

Yes, I’m extremely ecstatic over this. Of all my children, Dani’s constant whining is the hardest for me to deal with and maintain some level of patience with. This will give me the breather I need to regain my patience before I pick up the kids again after kindy and school.

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