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It’s a milestone all children go through at some stage, some sooner than others. It’s a child’s first haircut and it’s a special moment for parents and children alike.

Celine’s first haircut was when she was a toddler and I didn’t do it or even give permission for it. Neither had Hubby. Instead her grandmother stole that special moment from us and the first we knew about it was when we came to pick up Celine after she spent the day with her grandparents. I remember being pretty angry with her at the time for stealing that moment from us. She didn’t even save me a lock of hair for my keepsakes box.

Daddy did Blake’s first haircut a couple of months after his first birthday. Blake’s hair had been a rioting afro of curls and as gorgeous as he looked with them, he prefers his hair shorter. He still does, often asking Daddy to cut it when it gets too long for him.

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Both Celine and Danielle had haircuts this morning but it was Danielle’s first one.

Today was Danielle’s turn for her first haircut. She’s the only child to get older than 1.5 years old before having one. Being 3 years old before her first cut is a pretty big milestone for us. Long hair is great when a girl is a lot older and can care for it herself but for an independant 3 year old who wants to brush her tangled curly hair by herself, it can be far too hard a skill. So when I suggested a few days ago that maybe we should cut it, Danielle jumped at it. We finally did it this morning and Danielle has been a much happier child as a result.

Don’t you think her new cut looks cute?

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