Danielle’s 3 Year Update

It’s hard to believe Dani is now 3 years old but she has always been in a hurry to grow up before my eyes.


Dani started kindergarten at the end of January 2016. She attends 3 days a week so far and has settled in nicely, making new friends and learning new skills. I am hoping she will pick up a 4th day a little later in the year.


Dani’s only issue with her health is her teeth. She has regular fluoride treatments to help stop the decay that no amount of brushings seems to prevent in her front milk teeth. Our dental nurse calls them character teeth. I’m hoping her adult teeth when they come through will be much better.

 Personality and Behaviour

Dani is full on into the threenager stage already. She can be quite stubborn and likes to get her own way, a lot. She is finding it a little difficult to accept that she cannot rule the roost so to speak. Her favourite response to being told off for something is to demand a kiss and a cuddle after her tantrum.


Tantrums are full on these days.

Other than that, Dani is very adventurous and very athletic. She shows no signs of fears when trying anything, even if it’s something designed to give Mummy a heart attack like the massive metal slide at the local park that I can’t reach the top off. She has recently learnt to cross the monkey bars at kindy and is very proud of this new skill.

Dani is also very self-sufficient and independent when she wants to be. Often wanting to do things on her own even if they are difficult to do. Examples of this is doing up her car seat seatbelt and putting on her own shoes and clothing.


Dani has just finished daytime toilet training. We are still working on night time training.


Dani isn’t really expected to do too much chores yet. At most she makes an attempt to put her clothes away (aka throws them into whatever drawer she opens at the time which isn’t already full) and likes to help with the dishwasher, most particularly the emptying and refilling of cutlery basket. Otherwise other chores she might be asked to do is help tidy the lounge or feed the bread crusts to the calves.

Loves and Hates

Dani loves to “read” her books and play with her Barbie dolls or My Little Pony toys. Other


Tantrums are full on these days.

toys she is often playing with are her baby dolls which she wil often be tucking into a “bed” or pushing around in her toy pram. She is very fond of watching Peppa Pig and Dora The Explorer. She can often be found dragging one of our four cats around the house.

She will eat most things most days but still has moments when something she ate no problem last week will not be touched this time. Strangely enough, Dani doesn’t have as much of a sweet tooth as her older siblings.


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