5 Month Update | Isabella

5 months. Bella is now 5 months old. Can you believe it? Here’s her 5 month update.

Plunket Notes

Bella is now 6.2 kg and 61 cm in length. At her 3 month check she was 5.25 kg and 59 cm long so she is growth well. Not fast, but consistently (and pretty much on par with her older sisters at the same age). Her head circumference has jumped from 40 cm at 3 months to 42 cm at her 5 month update.
We don’t see Plunket again until 9 months old.
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Bella jumping in the jolly jumper


Bella is still wearing size 00 (3-6 months) but is starting to outgrow some of the smaller pieces of clothing. I have started introducing some of the smaller size 0 (6-9 months) into her wardrobe. She has also gone up a size in nappies.


Bella is very active. She loves jumping in the jolly jumper or being bounced from her feet on your lap. She can get on her hands and knees to rock and head shuffles (up on knees but head and arms down) to move around. She can roll in either direction. Bella is also able to stand while you support her hands and can also move her feet in a walking movement while doing so.
Bella is also very talkative and very curious.


We have tried both purees and soft solid foods with Bella. While she will eat the pureed foods she much prefers the soft solids. Potato is her favourite so far but she also likes pumpkin and sucking the goodness out of various meats. Bella doesn’t have teeth yet (despite months of teething and several visible bumps in her mouth) so the food she eats needs to be soft enough to suck as well as chew with her gums.
Her main solids meal is dinner with some occasional lunch and even rarer breakfast but her main food is still breast milk. We are doing a combination of breastfeeding and expressed breast milk in a sippy cup rather than a bottle. She is particularly fond of being able to hold the handles of the cup to drink at the same time as Nana drinks her coffee.


Bella is booked for 5 month immunisations for next week on Wednesday. So far she has all her immunisations a week following her age milestone that accompanies it. Her next immunisations after that is scheduled for the ages of 15 months.

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