11 Month Update | Isabella

There’s only 1 month left before Bella turns 1 years old! Here is her 11 month update.

Weight & Measurements

Bella weighs 8.4 kgs and measures 70 cm in length.

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Bella is now 11 months old!


Bella is mostly in size 1 (9-12 months range). She still wears size 2 shoes.

Milestones & Development

Bella still has just 4 teeth between her top and bottom gum. She also has a 5th tooth cutting on the top.

Bella is now an accomplished walker and is currently trying to work out how to run.

Food and Feeding

Bella eats 1 real meal (dinner) each day and snack eats the rest of the day. She is still more interested in breast milk. She loves most meat, wedges, bread, mandarins, peas, and sweet foods.



Bella is still difficult to get down for more than 1 nap most days. Night time she will sleep from about 7:30 pm until about midnight in her cot with one feed around 10:30 pm and then spends the rest of the night co-sleeping with me in my bed.

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