Bella’s 9 Month Update

Can you believe Bella has been out in this world as long as it took me to grow her? That’s right! My cheeky mischievous little girl turned 9 months old on Wednesday!

Weight & Measurements

We had our Plunket visit on Wednesday. One of the things they do is weigh and measure our baby at certain ages to check on their wellbeing. According to Plunket Bella now weighs 7.85 kgs. Her head circumference is 44.5 cm and her body length from head to toe is 68 cm.


Bella is mostly wearing size 0 (6-9 month range) but has just started being put into size 1 (9-12 months range) depending on the item of clothing, the style, the brand and the fit. Generally, the things that she remains in size 0 in are items of clothing that involve her lower half of her body.


Bella – 9 months old

Milestones & Development

Bella has only 2 teeth on the bottom gum. Her two top teeth are currently in the process of moving around into place for cutting through. She also has a bump on either side of her bottom teeth that look like they may also be coming through shortly after.

Bella can sit and has been crawling since about 6 months old. She started climbing to her feet using furniture around the 6-7 month age; and she has been walking around the furniture and standing on her own for a minute for the last month.

Bella can clap, wave and can kind of high five with her hands. She will also point to things when she wants them and lift her arms up to be picked up.

Bella is more of a babbler than a talker but can say the words: “hi”, “hello”, “Dad”, DaDa” (this one is her favourite word), “Nana”, “MaMa”, “Blake”, and “Celine”.

Food and Feeding

Bella is still mostly breastfed on demand but has started showing more interest in the food around her. We have just been doing the Baby Led Weaning style of feeding her which at times is sometimes successful and sometimes not depending on her interest in the food involved.

She does not like to be fed by others and prefers to feed herself. She is usually happy to try whatever anyone else is eating and sometimes indicates she wants more if she likes it.

She loves potato, mince, spaghetti, peas, and most sweet things. Foods that are easy to hold and pick up are her favourite to eat and she is still learning how to control her spoon.


Bella still wakes during the night for a feed at least twice. She prefers to co-sleep with us rather than sleep in her cot although she usually starts off the night in there. She has also started dropping her naps in the day to just one nap either in the morning or in the afternoon depending on her morning wake up time and the activities of the day but not both.

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