10 Month Update | Isabella

Bella is now a 10 month old! A lot has changed in a month since Bella’s 9 month update!

Weight & Measurements

Last month Bella weighed 7.85 kgs and her body length from head to toe was 68 cm. This month Bella weighs 8.3 kgs and measures 70 cm in length.


Bella is moving more into size 1 (9-12 months range). Generally, the things that she remains in size 0 in are items of clothing that involve her legs. She wears size 2 shoes.

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Bella is now 10 months old!

Milestones & Development

Bella now has 4 teeth on top and bottom gum.

Bella can now stand for several minutes without holding anything for support and can walk for 6-10 steps on her own.

Food and Feeding

Bella is still more of a grazer than a solid meal eater. She is really enjoying mandarins, sausages and chicken this month but still prefers breast milk to solids.


Bella is very hard to get down for a nap most days lately. If I am lucky I can get 1 hour out of her during the day… if she sleeps on me or Nana. I can get her down in her cot for half the night but can generally be found back in bed with myself and Daddy by about 11 pm.

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