1 Year Update | Isabella

Bella celebrated her first birthday last week on Thursday. She is officially 1 years old. My youngest baby is growing up into a full on toddler and it’s time for her 1 year update.


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Bella taste testing her birthday cake

Bella’s Birthday

We just had a quiet family party for Bella’s 1st birthday. I decorated the dining area with pink balloons and colourful “happy birthday” banners and the dining table with a white table cloth. We waited for Daddy to come home so he could help Bella open her presents. We had a basic dinner of finger food party favourites such as cocktail sausages, chips and chicken wings before blowing out a candle on a vanilla cupcake cake with an M&M lolly surprise inside.

"amummyslifenz" "1 year update" "Bella" "Isabella" "1st birthday cake"

Bella’s birthday cake – vanilla cake with M&M’s inside

Bella’s 1 Year Update & Development

  • Bella has now got 6 teeth. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. She is also showing signs of 7th tooth coming through on the bottom gum.
  • Bella is now an accomplished walker and is doing her best to learn how to run.
  • Bella enjoys her food and is now eating 3 meals a day plus snacks but still prefers breastfeeding to drinking water and normal milk. I have been trying to wean off certain feeds during the day by offering a cup instead.
  • Bella still sleeps in our room. She spends half the night in her cot and the other half co-sleeping in our bed.
  • Bella has learnt the art of tantrums. She is particularly fond of stamping her foot when she throws one. We usually get one when something has been taken off her that Bella is generally not allowed such as Mummy’s phone or when someone leaves the room without her.
  • Bella is still more of a babbler than an actual talker. She is very obviously talking to us but actual words are rare. Her favourite actual words are “dad” or “dadda”, “mum or “mama”, “Spot”, “Jazz”, “roaw” (cat), “hi” and “hello”, “baaaa” (sheep), “no” and “ta” (give to me).
  • Bella shows actual technical thinking processes. She will watch something to work out how it works and then proceeds to try it herself.
  • Bella lovers being outside and is working out how to jump on the trampoline.
  • Bella loves following her older sibling around and trying to copy them. She especially loves being with Celine.


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