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Blimmin heck! It’s Christmas Eve EVE!!!!! How did that happen?! Joining in for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here! This week it is all about Dani!

Celine’s Birthday Experience

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Celine showing off her purple streaks and pierced ears,

Celine’s birthday experience was a complete hit! Celine and I had a whole day just one on one. First we went and got her ears pierced. Then we had a small shop in the dollar store. Next we hit a cafe for morning tea then the park. Our next stop was the most important one. Celine’s hair appointment.

Because it was the summer school holidays (6 weeks of no school, yay, NOT) straight after Celine’s birthday, I promised her she could have some purple streaks put in her hair. So, this is what her hair appointment was for. They had to lighten the sections of her hair first so that the purple colour would come through properly on her dark hair. It took quite a while to go through the whole process but Celine thoroughly enjoyed herself and it was well worth the money spent doing it professionally.

After that, Celine & I had to run a few errands before we hit another park until it was time to pick up Danielle from kindy.

Dani’s Secret Santa

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Danielle opening her secret santa present

The first of all the favourites about Dani. We were supposed to have opened Danielle’s secret santa present last Friday but ended up doing it on the Saturday instead. She received a pile of frozen stuff which she absolutely adored! The secret santa is organised by Danielle’s due group and I find it a small blessing. It’s a special time when Danielle gets to open a present just for her which stops all the jealousy since both Blake and Celine have their birthdays in the same month and Danielle feels a bit left out. Next year, I am going to have to figure out something for Bella too since she’ll be old enough to realise she’s missed out.

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Monday’s Fancy Nancy dress up for Kindy

Fancy Nancy Dress Up

This week Danielle got TWO dress up days at kindy. One on Monday and one on Wednesday. Both were Fancy Nancy themed and the kids got to watch movies and eat popcorn on those days.

Danielle chose to wear the same dress both days but I gave her a different hair style for each day.  The Wednesday’s dress up also coincided with the final day of kindy for the year which was doubly exciting for Dani.

Kindy Christmas Party

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Dani dressed as a dragon for the World is Broken story (how the lion became the king of the forest)

Tuesday’s big event was the kindy Christmas party. Everyone was invited for a BYO picnic dinner at the kindy and then they held a raffle with 8 boxes of prizes. The major event of the evening though was the storyteller that the kindy organised for everyone afterwards. All the kids got to participate in the stories and Danielle even got to be a dragon in one of them.

Gandalf The Goat

This week we picked up a new member of the family, a goat! Gandalf (or Gandy) is a 2 year old billy goat. He’s very friendly and loves getting petted and eating bread! He’s great with the kids although he does get a little boisterous when over excited. Even our neighbour seems to love him as I often see her feeding him bread and petting him as well throughout the day.

Sheep, Sheep, Sheep

Yesterday our sheep had a hair cut at the neighbours (because they have a pen to do them in and we don’t). The sheep have been at the neighbours since just before the cows were sent off for the freezer to give the paddock a chance to grow again. We also attempted to bring them back. What a joke that was!

We managed to get the 3 boy lambs and Milly over the fence but Mummy sheep proved too wily and the lambs managed to squirrel their way back through the fence to Mummy instead. The only sheep we successfully managed to keep on our side was Milly. My guess is that we will be making a second attempt today.

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  1. Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child says:

    Oh Patricia – amazing week! Thanks so much for linking up every single week – we truly appreciate it! xx Maria

  2. What a fabulous week! Your kids are cute! I really like friendly goats – I remember being attacked by a not friendly one when I was younger It was terrifying!

    Thanks for linking up again! <3

    Merry Christmas

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