A Week’s Events

A Week’s Events

I had a couple of other posts planned for last Friday and today, but our family has had a few major events hit us that I feel I need to do a general family update instead. Just so you know what has happened and why I’ve been a little quiet on Social Media over the last few days dealing with a week’s events.

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Spot checking out the lambs while Dani and Blake fed them.

Dog Drama

A couple of weeks ago our dog, Spot, attacked one of our lambs, Lilly. Lilly was a little hurt but otherwise seemed fine. However, she wasn’t in the best of health. She has always had a kind of liquidy breathing sound and never seemed to grow as fast as Milly. We kept a stronger eye on Spot and tried to teach her to leave them alone. On Father’s Day morning, we found Lilly lying dead outside. There was no blood or teeth marks so we assumed that she died of natural causes.

Then on Wednesday night, the night before Bella’s 1st birthday, Spot attacked Milly. We only knew because she slunk into the house with blood over her mouth and neck area. Milly had part of her ear ripped off and a few bite marks over her body, particularly her neck. She was in shock when I found her. I brought her inside and cleaned her up. She perked up after I gave her a couple of bottles of milk and was happily roaming around our lounge checking things out until I put her back outside for the night, satisfied that she’ll get through this.

Spot, we put on a muzzle. She was only allowed it off while inside and for meal times which was only while she was inside. Eugene and I spent the evening discussing what to do but it was pretty clear watching her on Bella’s birthday, that even with a muzzle on she was still chasing the livestock and they weren’t safe with her.

Our options were fairly few. Get rid of the livestock and risk one of our children being attacked by Spot. Our concern was mostly about Bella because she is the size of the lambs. We had already had to stop her getting mouthy with our older kids when they were running or playing or riding their scooters. The taste of blood in her mouth and her hunting instincts was already proving too strong for training. The only other option was get rid of Spot herself. Either to a new home where there was no risk of children or animals getting hurt or to be put down.

Eugene had a talk with one of our neighbours about Spot on the day of Bella’s birthday and found out that Spot had been caught in his chicken coop a few times to the point that our neighbour had to get rid of his hens. Spot had also been caught trying to attack his goat in the previous week. Our neighbour demanded that we put Spot down. There was no more decisions to be made.

It was a sober Thursday night after we put the kids to bed after Bella’s birthday party.

On Friday morning, Eugene told the kids that Spot was going away and will be put down. Celine was the most affected since she’s the only one that really understood what that meant. She spent the morning before school crying and giving a muzzled Spot cuddles. I made an appointment with the vet for while the older kids were at school and kindy and took Spot in to be put down.

It was a heartbreaking moment for me. I am the person who fed Spot, walked Spot, spent my day with Spot. I only felt it was right that I be there at the moment of her passing. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day in tears, joined by Celine when school was over. Eugene brought home a box of vodka mixer for me. I pretty much spent the evening dulling my heartbreak in apple flavoured vodka while Eugene dealt with the kids. I never expected to feel such pain and I’m still unhappy with the decision we had to make. I wasn’t very much in the mood to be updating the world at the time.

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Waiting for Dani to be seen by the doctor at the hospital

Trip To The Hospital

The weekend passed slowly and then finally it was Sunday afternoon. The kids were climbing along the veranda porch as they often do. This time, Dani managed to fall and hit her head on the concrete below it. There was lots of blood and I rushed her to the hospital emergency department after Eugene bandaged her up. Thankfully, all she needed was a bit of glue to hold the cut on the back of her head together and she gets to stay home from kindy for a day or two.

Laptop Trouble

As for the last little bit of drama, Bella managed to pull the laptop down from the location of where we keep it. In doing so, the pin for the charging cable was snapped and until I can get a replacement cable, I am unable to edit and upload my vlogs. Please expect a little delay on those. I’ll get them up, and the posts you should have gotten on Friday and today, as soon as I can once I have a new cable.

So that’s it. A week’s events worth of trauma and drama for our family. Just thought you should know.

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