Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. We’ve had such a “fun” day.

"amummyslifenz" "happy halloween" "halloween 2016"

All in costume

Celine and Blake both stayed home sick from school and kindy. Isabella was also not feeling the best and in a very clingy mood. Danielle was the only one to actually go to kindy. Either way, lots of fighting between the two oldest children all day and then more once the second to youngest came home again. Oh, and Daddy had to leave for work extremely early this morning and came home late afternoon sick as well.

"amummyslifenz" "happy halloween" "halloween 2016"

Toxic Waste (aka pasta, bacon, mixed veges, green food colouring, cocktail sausages and cheese)

More drama when we finally got into our costumes because we weren’t going trick or treating this year. To be honest, we never go trick or treating. It’s not a very big event in our little town and we rarely ever get children coming to trick or treat here either.

The drama continued when I dished up our “toxic waste” halloween dinner because it looked “yuck.” Right now, the kids are fighting while watching movies on Sky Disney.

So lots of “fun” today for everyone today.

How did you celebrate Halloween today?


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