How We Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away and we’re getting ready to have some fun with it in our family. Traditionally, our family don’t really do much at Halloween. We decorate the house a little on the day, dress up in fun costumes and get creative with our meals. We don’t really do any trick or treating either.

This year I wanted to extend the celebration a little more. I’ve actually decorated the house a few days in advance while the older kids were still at school and kindy. It gave them a huge surprise when they came home this afternoon, which was fun.

"amummyslifenz" "halloween"

This year’s Halloween decorations.

In a day or two, I’m going to start making some fun Halloween lunchbox treats for a further surprise. I haven’t decided on a Halloween dinner yet but I’ll get there. I also need to start figuring out the costumes that we will be dressing up as. I like to try and have a new costume every year for the kids.

Do you celebrate Halloween? How do you celebrate it?


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2 Responses to How We Celebrate Halloween

  1. Doug says:

    Halloween is a pretty big event in Canada. As a child I would cobble together a costume and walk around the neighbourhood with the kids next door with our pillow slips that we hoped to fill with candy. As I got older, the neighbourhood got bigger and we stayed out longer. Winter was just beginning, it was dark by 5:00 PM, and some years there was snow falling. A great spooky time.
    Now the neighbours are decorating the outside of their homes and stocking up on candy, expecting over a hundred children to visit their door. Usually one parent walks around with the young ones while another stays home to pass out the candy. Sometimes they dress up in a costume as well and enjoy the time answering the door and playing the spooky music.
    Others just turn out the lights or go out so they will not be bothered.

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