Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Our family have had a wonderful weekend celebrating the occasion and we hope you have as well! I’ve blogged about our Christmas traditions before but I thought I’d share with you just how we celebrated Christmas this year.


Jingles’ Christmas Eve bags

Christmas Eve

The children woke up to find Jingles had gone back to the North Pole and left them a Christmas Eve bag each. Each bag contained some new Christmas PJs, a new Christmas outfit, a book, some sweets to snack on during the day and for the older three some ornaments to paint and hang on the tree.

The children painted their ornaments with Nana supervising while Mummy & Daddy went to pick up some last minute groceries from the supermarket.


Making gingerbread cookies for Santa

Once Mummy & Daddy got back from the shopping, the kids read their books and ate their snacks. Later Mummy made some gingerbread cookie dough and the kids (with Mummy & Nana’s help) rolled out the dough and using cookie cutters made biscuits for Santa.

After dinner, the kids put out some biscuits and milk for Santa and some grated carrot for the reindeer. Celine hung up Santa’s magic key and all the kids got into their new pjs and put their santa sacks under the tree. Then, they went to bed.

Christmas Day


Ready for bed and Santa to arrive!

The children woke up to find Santa had filled their sacks in the night and both Santa and the reindeer had eaten their snacks. Traditionally in our family, we don’t open presents until after a bacon and egg breakfast and it was no different this year. Daddy cooked us a delicious breakfast and then once Daddy had the Christmas lunch prepped and cooking, we settled down to open our presents.

After that the children all played with their toys while we got the house ready for our guests to join us for lunch. Once they arrived we spent a delightful afternoon eating our full of roasted turkey and oxtail potjie before we opened yet more presents! Then we ate our full again of yummy desserts.

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Ready to open presents after breakfast!

After our guests left we had a lazy afternoon of watching movies and enjoying our presents. We let the children stay up a little later than normal due to the sugar rush running through their bodies and then everyone hit their beds for a good night’s sleep.

We didn’t bother with dinner because we’d spent the afternoon snacking on all the Christmas goodies we had left over. Nobody went to bed hungry.

So that’s our Christmas weekend in a nutshell. We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have all had a wonderful day of your own.


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