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Today, I celebrated my birthday. I’m not sure how I feel about being 33. It only feels like yesterday that I was graduating high school with my friends or graduating MIT (Manukau Institute of Technology) with my Diploma in Business Administration. It only feels like yesterday that I discovered I was pregnant with Celine, with Blake, with Danielle, with Isabella. That I was marrying the love of my life. But time marches on. Celine turns 9 this year, Blake  will be turning 5, Danielle turns 4 next March, Isabella has only just turned 1 and we’ve been married 7 years.

And now, I’m 33.

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Hubby prepared me a delicious cooked breakfast complete with a cappuccino and apple juice

How I Spent My Birthday

Of course, I didn’t exactly get the day off. I doubt any Mother ever truly gets a day off. But I did get given some flowers, chocolates and a birthday card by my family, my husband made me a delicious cooked breakfast and my family took me out to dinner where we were joined by some friends to celebrate.

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Pretty sure I had the healthiest “birthday cake” in the world! Hubby made up for it with a chocolate muffin from the local BP afterwards.

The rest of my day was spent doing the usual: getting the housework done and chasing after my children who were home for Hawkes Bay Anniversary which is a statutory holiday for us here in Hawkes Bay.  We had a puppy visitor to assess how she will fit in with our family and how she reacts to our animals, particularly our livestock, before we decide if we will take her. Blake made a new friend and went to play there for a couple of hours.

We had tantrums over who got to open my birthday card envelope, over me NOT opening my chocolate straight away for them to eat, over the milkshakes that Daddy brought back from his work call out because Blake was out when he made the order and came back before Daddy got home which meant he didn’t have one for him. Over, not being able to go play at Blake’s new friend’s house with Blake, over their drinks not arriving fast enough at the restaurant, over the fact that we didn’t have a birthday cake, over how long the adults were talking when the children were tired and ready to go home to bed.

All in all, it was just a normal day.

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