Happy Birthday Hubby! | Turning 35

My Husband turns 35 years old today. It’s quite the milestone. Of course, he’s doing a Nana and pretending he’s only 21. But either way, it’s his special day so happy birthday Hubby.

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Hubby’s birthday present

We actually gave him his birthday present on Monday when it arrived. It’s a photo that I had put on canvas of the kids that was taken during the last school holidays by Freedom Photography.

Technically he could have had today off work for his birthday but he’s delayed his day off to this coming Monday so he can have a long weekend instead and on a day when two of the kids will be back to school and kindy.

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Hubby’s birthday cake

Instead he’s working late today and getting dinner for himself on his way home. He’s claiming the free birthday burger from Burger Fuel while the rest of us have chicken stew. We’re letting the kids stay up until he gets home so we can cut the cake, a double layer chocolate brownie cake with peanut butter icing.

The kids and I can’t wait until he gets home.

Happy birthday Hubby! Love you!

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