7th Wedding Anniversary | How We Celebrated

Today marks the 7th year of marriage between my Husband and I. So happy 7th wedding anniversary to us!

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7th wedding anniversary present

The kids and I marked the celebration early by giving Hubby his anniversary present yesterday. Mostly it was just clothes but since we were already having a bbq party last night in honour of friends who are due to have their baby soon (an extension of the baby shower she’d had early that day but this time for the father). I thought he might want his new clothes to wear then (which he did). I also gave him a keyring bottle opener especially engraved with our anniversary details. All of which he enjoyed.

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Hubby opening his presents

Celine made this morning special by making us both coffees before we woke up and continued making them for us throughout the day. We had plenty of food left over from the night before so meals were fairly easy and relaxed. The kids were mostly well behaved for the day which made a nice change and we mostly just netflixed the day away.

All in all, today has been a fairly nice day.

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