So, I Saw My Doctor Again

At my last Doctor appointment, where he confirmed that I was suffering from postnatal depression, he gave me a script for a months supply of Fluoxetine to trial and see how I went with it. He also instructed me to come back and see him before my supply ran out so we could assess if I’m on the right dosage for me and make any changes that was needed. I had that appointment to see my doctor again last week.

On this new appointment my doctor and I discussed whether the Fluoxetine was working for me. I felt it was. So we agreed that I would continue with the one pill a day dosage that I had been on for the last month and he gave me a script for a 3 month supply.

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We also discussed how long I would need to be on Fluoxetine for. My doctor recommended that I stay on it for at least 6 months to possibly a year before we begin the process of weaning me off. His biggest concern was that it would be best for me to wait on weaning off the Fluoxetine until after I had weaned off Bella from breastfeeding due to the hormonal imbalance that can occur then.

So there you go. Just a wee update to let you know how things stand.

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