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Last week I mentioned that I was struggling to get everything done. I’ve since done some thinking on how to change things to improve the situation.

Hubby has really started to help out with the housework which helps with some of the stress I feel which is great. Our marriage is a partnership after all and we are equally responsible for maintaining our house in a liveable standard.

Spending quality time with our family is something we are constantly working on so that will always be an issue as will dealing with their listening skills and attitude giving.
My blog is in a similar state. It is something I need to work on and schedule time for to get quality posts up for your reading pleasure. To do that I need more time to be able to do it. Which is where the next issue comes in. The Daily Vlogs.
AMummysLifeNZ YouTube Channel

The Problem:

The AMummysLifeNZ Channel is where I feel I am failing in the most. Just so you can understand, uploading a vlog is not simply just recording some footage, smashing it together and then uploading it. It takes time to go through the footage and edit it into a viewable video. Sometimes I cut out complete clips because it just doesn’t work. The time lapse clips especially take up a lot of work making sure that there is nothing in there at shouldn’t be. Sometimes I am trying to edit 2 hours of footage into a 5-6 minute long video. By the time I have saved the video ready for uploading I can have been working on it for 2-3 hours (generally when we’re all in bed) and I just don’t have time to do this every day anymore. Not when it can be midnight before I’ve finished each night.
I don’t want to stop doing these vlogs altogether though. After all I have been doing them for just over 2 years. But I do need to make things a little easier on myself. I don’t want to be uploading the same video every day like I feel I have been for the last week due to work. So I need to change it.

The Solution:

I will continue to record footage each day but instead of making them into a daily vlog, I am going to make it a weekly vlog (Monday to Sunday). I will leave the editing for one of my days off (at this stage I’m thinking Tuesday when it’s just myself and Bella home) and will upload that night instead.
I am unsure of how I will format this new vlog style as of yet so the style may change over the next few weeks until I have something workable. But I honestly feel that one day of editing over editing everyday is much easier on my time.

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