Top Posts | January 2016

I want to try something a little different this year. I want to do a review of the most popular posts of each month. It serves a dual purpose. It tells me which posts you all found the most interesting and therefore what you possibly might want more of from me. It also gives you a chance to catch up on any posts that you may have missed that you might find interesting. It’s kind of like what I did with the Top Posts of 2015 except instead of evaluating the year I will only be doing the month. I also will not be including any posts outside of that month’s review. So at the beginning of each month I’m going to be doing a post like this which will include both my blog and my daily channel vlogs.

Top 10 Blog Posts of January 2016

  1. 6 Things I Miss From Before Children
    In this post I talk about the things I was able to do without thinking before I had children that are nearly impossible to do now that I have them.
  2. My Struggle With Body Confidence
    Here I talk about where I am with my body confidence today and how my struggle with it started.
  3. The Working Mum Dilemma
    This is where I discuss the emotional issues that a working mum faces on an especially bad day at work.
  4. It’s All Good News
    Celine having an X-Ray from the post It’s All Good News

    Celine’s X-Ray and Orthopedic results.

  5. SAHM, Working Mums, WAHM – What’s The Difference?
    Talking about the mother wars and how I’ve been all three.
  6. Could The News Be Any More Sad This Week?
    My memories of David Bowie and the loss of other celebrities to cancer.
  7. Our Parks Need Sun Shade
    Our experience with the parks in our region on a really hot day and the need to change it.
  8. Product Review: Fitbit Surge
    Comparing the Fitbit Surge to the Fitbit Flex.
  9. New Year’s Resolutions (And Why I’m Not)
    My past experiences with New Year Resolutions and what I’m doing different this year.
  10. Product Review: Beauty Friends II Mask Sheet Packs
    Celine and I try out some new face masks.

Top 10 Daily Vlogs of January 2016


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