October 2016 | Top Posts For The Month

Can you believe it’s November already? Only a month away from Christmas! Crikey! But that means it’s time to find out my most popular posts from October 2016 and post all the vlogs uploaded in that time too. Are you ready? Let’s go!


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Top October Post – New World Little Garden!

Top 10 October 2016 Posts

  1. New World Little Garden
    I review the New World Little Garden collectables.
  2. Easy Halloween Treats
    Making Halloween treats easy to make and fun to eat!
  3. October Blog Challenges
    Introducing the blog challenges that I participated in for October.
  4. Lunch Box Ideas
    Ideas for filling up your child’s lunch box.
  5. The Baby I Never Had
    Sharing my miscarriage story for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.
  6. Easy Light Cake Recipe
    My recipe for a yummy light cake and bonus chocolate spread icing recipe.
  7. My Hardest Child
    My struggle with the child I currently clash with the most.
  8. When I Grow Up
    My self reflection of what I wanted to be as a child vs what I became as an adult.
  9. So, I Saw My Doctor Again
    How my postnatal depression is going.
  10. Why I Don’t Normally Blog In The Weekend
    Why I normally only blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays except during a blog challenge month.



October 2016 Family Life Vlogs

  1. Car Lamb (19 September to 2 October)
  2. School & Kindy Holidays (3 to 9 October)
  3. Blake’s First School Visit (10 to 16 October)
  4. Mum’s Birthday (17 to 23 October)
  5. Climbing Bella (24 to 30 October)



October 2016 Patricia Vlogs

  1. Weightloss & PND Update 20 Sept 2016
  2. Bella’s 1 Year Update
  3. Weight Loss Vlog (10 October 2016)
  4. Blake’s First School Visit
  5. The Te Manawa Museum
  6. Celine & Bella’s New Rooms
  7. Celine’s Pet Day


Which blog post or vlog was your favourite?

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